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Hi there! We’re a boutique web agency specializing in front-end development and WordPress integration—and we’d love to work with you.

Below is some of our development work. Working with an array of talented designers, we completed all of the front-end development and WordPress integration for each project.

What We Do

Front-end development—HTML5, CSS3, PHP and jQuery—with a focus on responsive design, SEO optimization, semantic markup, accessibility and cutting-edge best practices.

WordPress integration providing a customized, user-friendly installation that makes website management a breeze.

From Our Clients

  • Lauren Byers @ Dagger - Atlanta, GA:

    “In addition to being a skilled developer, Clever + Swift’s communication skills were absolutely invaluable during our latest project. Rather than just executing tasks, they were a true partner, and worked with our team to shape and improve the final product. I would highly recommend them for your next web development project.”

  • Will Bryant - Portland, OR:

    “For a designer a working relationship with a solid programmer is often hard to come by. I’ve worked with Clever + Swift repeatedly because they’re good at what they do and enjoyable to work with. As an added bonus they’re aptly named.”

  • Jon Effron @ A is for Atlanta - Atlanta, GA:

    Clever + Swift had to make lots of different disparate parts come together as one, and they brought it all together in short order. They’ve been a phenomenal resource: responsive, knowledgeable and proactive.”

  • Christy Carroll @ Ptarmak - Austin, TX:

    “Hiring Clever + Swift has been one of the best decisions we’ve made this year. We were in desperate need of a dependable developer to work as part of our creative team, and C+S has surpassed our expectations with each project we’ve collaborated on. They’re consistently reliable, efficient, communicative, and a genuine pleasure to work with.”

  • Mark Menjivar - San Antonio, TX:

    “With each project, Clever + Swift has always given more than expected. They are skilled, generous, accessible, fun and on time.”

  • Cody Haltom @ Public School - Austin, TX:

    “It’s tough finding reliable developers—particularly those with an eye for design—but I got lucky with Clever + Swift. They’re talented, efficient, and accessible, and I’ve always felt a clear sense of devotion and accountability to each project that I’ve yet to find elsewhere.”

  • Lee Tengum @ 7am - Fernie, BC:

    Clever + Swift can be many things to your project including: magician, mindreader, problem solver and life saver. They have the ability to take an obscene workload, horrendous timeline and difficult specifications and turn them into an amazing deliverable. They truly rock.”

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